Emotional maturity is the basis of a successful and happy life

Emotional maturity is the basis of a successful and happy life. If the person is not emotionally developed, then the family or society is not able to handle mutual relations properly. Amidst the ups and downs of life, he gets carried away by excesses of emotions and often misses the right decision. In daily life, we can discipline our thoughts, behavior and behavior and maintain our emotional balance. Presented are some such useful formulas.

(1) Understand your feelings, accept yourself

The first step is to understand your feelings. While behaving like people, try to understand the level and nature of our emotions. Where our feelings are rough, where we feel uncomfortable – insecure about them, where they are being oppressed etc. Accept your true position among them. With this acknowledgment, change will begin. Between every behavior and situation, we can improve them progressively by observing our emotions and mood. You can refine and mature them, by gradually controlling the emotions, but they will start with acceptance and understanding of themselves.

(2) Give positive expression to the feelings

By understanding our feelings, we can lighten the mind by putting them on paper, giving them conceptual clarity. You can also share it with a trusted friend or guardian who understands us. It helps in developing positive attitude towards our feelings. If this is not possible, then you can submit your feelings to your favorite, adorable and guru. This experiment done with honesty and hospitality has its positive effect and we feel more empowered and balanced emotionally.

(3) Work is timely, but the ultimate victory of patience is assured

if we accept our position wholeheartedly, then there is no reason to maintain a negative attitude towards our feelings. While it may take some time to make long-lasting negative negatives positive, sincere efforts eventually result. As soon as the negative emotions that make life unstable, reach the roots, then the process of conversion of them starts. With this, the initiative of minimum control over them communicates positive sentiment and a new attitude towards the possibilities of life arises.

(4) Make sensory hearing a part of life

it is a simple but very effective formula for emotional development. When we listen carefully to someone’s words, it acts as an ointment on the antagonist’s wounds. That person instills confidence in the listener. With this, the emotional development of the listener also occurs. In the words of noted thinker and writer Stephen Cowe, the emotional bank account is enriched with sensory listening. With this, the person becomes more emotional and the credibility and authenticity of his personality increases. A good doctor wins the patient’s trust on this basis and makes his treatment effective. The same is true of efforts made in the context of emotional development.

(5) Atmanushasan, abstinence – morality

undoubtedly demands discipline and tenacity to curb narrow selfishness and petty ego and at the same time they contribute significantly in emotional development. Similarly, abstinence-morality strengthens personality at the physical and practical level. In the tenacity of the tenacity, the mind is purified, the births of its births are ablaze and

(6) Nishkam Seva

It is a harsh truth that a solid foundation of our emotional balance and development is formed, which keeps pace with Nishkam Seva. Often, every action is motivated by some selfishness and somewhere in them there is a feeling of satisfaction of their ego. The root of an emotionally poor person lies in selfishness and gross ego, due to which he is mentally disturbed, but often he is unable to understand his condition. Therefore, by doing one task in the day with a sense of selflessness, we catch one end of the emotional development and as the service starts becoming a part of life, our emotional development also keeps pace.

(7) Take the support of prayer, worship regularly, because of the emotional development of sentiment, faith and heart.

Work is, therefore worship is an effective way of doing this. In moments of worship, we try to connect with our favorite – adorable through emotional depths. In the moments of prayer, we are at the peak of emotions, because then there is a call from the deepest region of the heart. These moments of spiritual interaction with their intensity and maturity become moments of transformation of emotions with divine touch of paramountcy and a person’s emotional development occurs at the deepest level. The miraculous story of the transformation of the life of the devotees – stories are based on this. By adopting the above mentioned formulas, we can maintain our emotional balance and development. It is certainly a timely process, but it is also a highway of self-development.

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