Get progress in life by Following Methods

The slogan of the Yuga Nirman Mission is – we will change, the era will change; We will improve, the era will improve. If the era is to change, it has to start from itself. We all strive to move forward in this fast moving, progressing world, but in this race of progress we need to make some changes in ourselves. Somewhere there are some things that we need to pay attention to and overcome our shortcomings, so that we can move forward in the desired direction.

(1) It is necessary to keep these things in mind in order to overcome your shortcomings and make changes in yourself.

He is getting away from himself, society and is also losing the strength to think about himself. Today, people give more importance to the noise outside than listening to their inner voice. Their focus is on others rather than on themselves and often people imitate those who are famous, standing on the rungs of success. People who change the world do not copy anyone and they know to do their work by living in a different realm. As such – they do not learn to mingle in an environment, but they look different and this is their identity. Such people do not worry about their popularity, but instead keep cracking their skills. Such people do not know to serve themselves, but know how to serve. They constantly improve their character, make time for self-promotion, listen to prudence more than emotion and continuously enhance their quality.

(2) Determine the scale of your efficiency yourself.

The best way to do this is a systematic system. And a simple formula to walk this path It is – remove the unnecessary things from the mind, so that the important things can be taken care of and they can be managed in a systematic way, after that knowing the gaps that are left in completing the work, and also trying to remove them Is necessary.

(3) To do your tasks in the best way, set new standards and be interested in your tasks, so that they can be done well.

Work done with impunity is not able to show its effect, while tasks done with whole heart always leave their mark on the mind of others. For the best performance of the work, it is necessary to achieve your skill in that task, only then it can be done in a special way.

(4) Understand the importance of facilities and create conditions that enhance your abilities

Seneca, the philosopher, used to advise his students that – ‘One day a month, you guys don’t use amenities, like – eat very little, on the floor Do not sleep, use facilities; Because by doing this you will know its value, which you get very easily. It is also necessary in life to put ourselves in situations where our abilities can be challenged and expanded. To be strong, to be better, it is necessary to accept challenges to learn.

(5) Utilize your time

We all have 24 hours every day, we have time to rest and sleep, except when we can be most useful. At that time our concentration and energy are at its peak. Those who make changes in themselves can get surprise benefits by using this time properly. People who think and work out-of-the-box compared to those who work in the traditional way Takes full advantage; Whereas excusers spend their precious time watching TV, playing games on phones and bashing the economy. On the other hand, intelligent people use it correctly and meaningfully. Those who make the best use of this time, they create their golden future.

(6) Also give time for morning preparations

All those who are successful in their life, start their day by planning their work done throughout the day in the morning and keeping their tasks in mind. We do . In the morning the mind is very calm and energetic and the external environment is also very calm, waterless and clean, so one should use this time as best as possible, and should do its important tasks at this time.

(7) Continue to increase your ability, ability and efficiency

Whether success or failure in life, a person should increase his ability, ability and skill day by day. Just as making the tools sharp increases the speed of working through them, similarly our speed of development increases by sharpening our abilities and skills. Otherwise, when the edge of the devices is blunted We too are of no use. They are of no use, in the same way if our ability, skill and ability do not sharpen or sharpen, then

(8) Understand your importance

The same people move forward, who understand their importance and refine their personality Are engaged in Human life is very precious. God has given us a precious gift in the form of this body, in a way, it has given a treasure of nature, we have complete freedom of what we use it, what we work through it. Therefore, we should not ignore our importance nor compare ourselves with others; Because every person is incomparable. All that is needed is to carve and refine yourself.

(9) Do not be prejudiced, accept change, a lot changes with the passage of time, people’s thinking changes, circumstances change.

If a person does not accept change, likes to follow the old pattern, does not change his beliefs according to the time, then he lags behind. Such people cannot walk step by step with the times. Therefore, in order to move forward in this rapidly changing world, we must innovate and change our thinking, how we work

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