Give rites/sacraments to children too

Today most of the parents and guardians are so busy in their work that they do not have time for children. The absence of circumstantial time is another matter, but the feeling of carelessness towards the creation of our children is another matter, which is a matter of concern. The rites that we expect in children, going forward, as we want to see them as useful members of family society – this does not happen spontaneously. For that, suitable environment has to be given, some conscious efforts have to be made in this direction. It is now in our hands whether we want a beautiful garden adorned with flowers or a tree growing randomly in the forest – a tree full of vegetation. Some efforts in this direction can be made as follows: –

Keep in mind the use of social media –

it is a fact of today’s times that we are living in the era of information revolution, in which smartphones and social media have taken away the childhood of children. Children are also victims of it, who appear lost in it. In such a situation, the task of child building again becomes challenging, but whatever the parents need to find time for the children. The unborn children are in great need of parents’ protection and guidance. The guardians of the house can give the desired shape to the infant mind like a wet clay pot by virtue of their awareness and understanding. For the overall development of children, not only intellectual but emotional and spiritual development can be gathered.

Give proper environment in the family –

Here is the most important, mutual behavior of parents – behavior and home environment, through which the child easily learns life, learns good and bad things. If they include superiority and generosity, then the children grow better and if we give a bad and stressful environment, then the development of the child is frustrated and unusual, whose child is cursed to suffer life. The wisdom of family members can help keep generations free from this curse. This work cannot be left to the schools, where there is often neither such atmosphere nor such guidance. Even if something like this is available, it would be considered a boon in today’s era.

The atmosphere of theism in the family is important. The regular order of morning – evening worship – recitation, aarti etc. creates a divine atmosphere. If these actions are collective then it is even better. For the Gayatri family, the boon of Gayatri worship is readily available. With this, activities like eating, studying, sleeping – awakening, traveling, etc. with Gayatri Mantra writing or chanting of mantras exert their influence. Similarly, weekly yagyas can be conducted in the house, which incorporates sattvikta in the atmosphere along with purification of the surroundings. At the same time it is a rishi-enabled mode of planting rites among the participants. Along with this, the rites performed on the appropriate occasion have their own importance, which are natural to the members of the Gayatri family. These may include children from the family along with family members.

Motivate his/herself to read/self study a good books

Instead of giving a very expensive gift to the motivated children for self-study of good books, if the practice of offering knowledgeable and excellent literature according to their age and interest is practiced, then it is a wise step in the context of their cultural education and intellectual development Will happen . The lives of great men have flourished in the shadow of the best books. For this, parents are also required to be self-studying, so that they can suggest the appropriate book to their children. Elder elders in the family can read and discuss parts of the continual era of literature and listen to interesting stories, in which children are often very interested. Books of moral education composed by Pujya Gurudev can prove very useful in this context.

Connect with your cultural roots Balman –

Visit your home – village, city – town and sites of historical, cultural and spiritual importance of the country can prove to be a unique experiment. New geography of new environment, nature and society, where their curiosity erupts, enlightenment occurs, the doors of wisdom open, then there is a deeper introduction to their culture. Connecting with its cultural roots and acquainting with its glorious history involuntarily serves the purpose of forging a superior citizen. The awakening and development of a sense of pride towards our society, culture and nation will be considered as a useful step in the direction of creating a cultural generation.

Seed planting of divine rites at pilgrimage centers –

Introduction of children from pilgrimage centers can prove particularly fruitful; Because there is a special flow of spiritual consciousness in the pilgrimage centers, whose contact easily seeds the divine rites in the soft heart. This can be a very important step towards the mitigation of disorders and the imposition of superior sentiments. The Gayatri Teerth Shantikunj is available as a spiritual inspiration for the Gayatri family, where a few days of family pilgrimage can be done, taking part in the routine and rituals of the place to take advantage of the experience of rejuvenation.

It is necessary to find time for all these works and experiments. This is a farming whose fruits will continue to be enjoyed over the life as a well-respected generation. Children also have to be cultured with good education – this should be the priority of parents and guardians. It cannot be left to the fate or to the circumstances. This requires careful and planned effort, which is our sacred duty as well as our responsibility.