What is Php |Introduction|Why we learn Php

Php introduction

Hello friends, in today’s post I will talk about what php is, what is needed and why we should learn php. And apart from this, we will also talk about what is the benefit of php. Let us know what php is.

Before knowing php, let us know what is scripting or web scripting language as it is important to know about scripting langauge before knowing about php.

Actually there are two types of web scripting language, first client side scripting language and second server side scripting language.

What happens in this client side scripting language is that our visitors who request a website on their computer screen provide html, css, and client side script files to the server and to the server response. Meaning the server that provides the client side script is first loaded in your browser and then runs. Bascially the popular client side scripting language in the world is VBscript and Javascript. And if we talk about server side scripting language, then what happens here is that visitors of the website request something from the server. And suppose there is a server side on that website. So the server will not provide that script on the browser of the Visitor, but that script will run on the server itself and after that the server will only give html and css in the output on the browser. The basic server side scripting language is php, .net and python, but it is also the most popular scripting language.

Now you must have cleared one thing that php is a server side scripting language, now let us know about php in detail.

php has a full form php: hypertext preprocessor which is its basic use to create a dynamic website. Now a doubt must have come in your mind that what is this dynamic website, Basikali website is of two types, first is static website and second is dynamic website, meaning that we make website in html and css in which its content is not changed later. We can go or dyanamically load the content from the database, we call it static website. And what happens in a dynamic website is that we code the entire website once and create its admin panel and through that we dynamically load the content like post, new page, and anything.

With the help of php or similar and server side scripting language, we create a content management system as if you have already heard about a popular cms content management system wordpress. It is also made in php. And if we talk about another example, then it is the student management system in which you want to fill the data of the student through forms.

Now if we talk about second usage of php, then it is used in making web based sftware applications like stock management related or accounting related software, then it can be made with the help of php.

Why should we learn php

As of now you must know that php is the best server side scripting language and popular in scripting languages ​​like python and .net, ruby. So let us know about some more reasons why php we should learn php.

  1. Easy of use and learn: php is very easy to use and learn. If you want to create a big web portal, then for this you will not have to use external libraries like you do in any other programming languages ​​like c, c ++, and python etc. And if you already have a website built in php, then it is very easy to make changes in it.
  2. Cost Efficiency: It means development cost is very useful because it is an open source programing language. If we compare to .Net, it is a paid software, it requires a paid license for development. While you have to create a website in phph or develop anything, you can do that for free.
  3. Object oriented programming language: If you know a little bit about Java or C ++ why it is such a popular language because it is all object oriented programming language. Object oriented programming language means that you can make a lot of lines of code in small or separate file with the help of.
  4. Cross platform compatibility: This means that in php development you can go to any operating system whether it is linux or windows or macos.
  5. Works with all servers like Apache, or IIS etc. Meaning php can run or run smoothly on a server.
  6. Security: There is a multiple secure label system inside php that helps you to make your website secure and hackproof.
  7. huge developer community: You know that 30% of the websites that are made in the world remain in php. This is why there are many developers in the world. Because of which, if you ever face any problem in php, then if you search on google, you will get some solution easily.

use of php in web development

  1. CMS (Content Management System): You can create backends to manage content in it. Which can have an admin panel.
  2. Ecommerce website: You can easily create a website for sell and purchase. You can easily create a website like amazon, or flipkart.
  3. Mail server: You can also create a site like gmail or yahoo mail.
  4. chatting system: facebook or whatsapp can also create web chatting application.
  5. File storage system: We can create a file storage system in php like you must have heard the name of google drive, in which we can backup or upload or download files such as images.
  6. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): With the help of PHP we can build erp based software. As you will know that there are many departments in big companies, so different software has to be made for all of them and if they have to manage it, then we can do it easily with the help of php.
  7. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): With the help of php we can not create crm based software basically this software is for sell, purchase and stock management.

Popular websites in PHP

  1. Facebook
  2. Yahoo
  3. Wikipedia
  4. MailChimp
  5. Flickr
  6. Flipkart

Prior Knowledge before learning PHP

  1. HTML(Full Knowledge)
  2. CSS(Basics)
  3. JAVASCRIPT(Optional)
  4. Bootstrap(Optional)

Software requirement for development in PHP

  1. HTML Editor –Any of these (Notepad, Notepad++, Sublimetext and Atom) which you like.
  2. Web Browser – Any of these (Chrome or firefox) which you like.
  3. Wamp or Xampp Server for creating localhost or local server on your pc

Editors for development in PHP (Free of Cost)

  1. Notepad
  2. Notepad++
  3. Vs code
  4. Sublime
  5. Atom